Krav Maga International (KMI) is the sole Krav Maga organisation which has been developed by instructors direct from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). With fresh, fierce and effective programs, which aim to prepare you for any and every situation out on the streets, KMI will undoubtedly make powerful fighters out of you. 

Training with instructors from the IDF will give you opportunities to learn from personal experience, so you can be sure what you’re learning will be deeply beneficial and highly advantageous.

KMI goes above and beyond your usual martial arts classes.
You will adapt a mindset that takes you outside of the four-cornered training mat beneath your feet.
You will learn to master complex and accurate techniques until they become second-nature.
You will understand the importance of reacting under the stress of a life-threatening situation.
You will learn the skills that will make you the best, to deal with the worst.



KMI is comprised of distinguished instructors who hold some of the highest Krav Maga positions in Israel. They have established and continue to evolve the training for the IDF, certify IDF Krav Maga instructors and train the Israeli security, law enforcement and VIP defence units for both private and government operations.

Ron Engelman

IDF commander and founder of Krav Maga Defence Institute. Having lead soldiers on the battlefield in the Second Lebanese War and numerous counter-terror operations, Ron knows how to build fighters and what it takes to train for combat. 

Ran Nakash

Former commander and chief instructor of the of the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga division. Senior Krav Maga advisor to the IDF. Professional boxer, WBO world title challenger, ranked top 10 in the world (cruiserweight division). 10 time Israel kickboxing champion. 

Itay Dannenberg

IDF military Krav Maga Instructor. Senior trainer at the IDF school for Krav Maga Instructors. Head Instructor of the training program for body guards of the members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and the Knesset itself.



KMI trains their students and instructors with first-hand knowledge and experiences. Its programs are rigorous and unparalleled, fusing realistic street-based strategies with proven battle techniques. Importance is placed on building strength and fitness as well, so that should the opportunity present itself, you will be unstoppable fighters, ready to defend and protect yourself and those around you.