• Go-to fighting style for military and law enforcement agencies around the world
  • Developed by the Israeli Army
  • Instinctive to learn
  • Based on the body’s natural reflexes
  • No fancy moves - 100% practical
  • Over 5,000 Australians have trained with KMDI since 2006
  • One of Australia’s first Krav Maga schools
  • Established by Israeli Army veterans
  • Instructors trained and certified direct from the Israeli Army
  • Based in Sydney with direct links to Israel
  • Classes for all levels from beginners up to advanced


Krav Maga Defence Institute (KMDI) was founded to provide authentic Krav Maga training to Australians. With over 74 unique classes each week and 3 locations across Sydney, KMDI is the largest Krav Maga school in Australia. 

KMDI's founder and Chief Instructor, Ron Engelman is an active Krav Maga instructor in the Israeli army. He continues serve as an advisor and trainer to combat units in the IDF. Our local instructors have all been certified by the top trainers of from the Israeli army and many have completed courses and training camps in Israel. If you are looking for the real thing, you have come to the right place. 


Training regularly is the best way to learn Krav Maga. Through regular practice you will learn and master Krav Maga techniques, keep fit and learn to defend yourself and protect others. We offer classes in Surry Hills, Bondi Beach and the Sydney CBD with a variety of different Krav Maga classes for different levels from beginners up to advanced.

  • KRAV MAGA: Here you will build foundations in striking, fighting on the ground, release from common chokes and holds as well as defences against knives and sticks. After 4-6 months in the beginner’s class you can expect to test for Fighter Level 1.
  • Advanced: Fighter Level 1 and above. Advanced Krav Maga training and techniques for graded students, taking Krav Maga to a higher level.
  • K.M.C. (Krav Maga Combatives): Striking is the foundation of Krav Maga. In this class you will be working on your punches, kicks, elbows and knees. You can expect a serious workout while honing your fighting skills. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners.
  • Weapons: This class is dedicated to practicing fighting against an armed attacker within realistic drills and simulations. This may sound intimidating, but it is a class that is suitable for all levels including beginners. Each class starts with practice on a specific threat and progresses into a live simulation drill. 
  • Fight Club: This is a fighting class dedicated to full contact sparring with unique Krav Maga elements, scenarios and settings.
  • Fighting Fit: This is a functional fitness class inspired by training methods used to train fighters in the army. Some of the toys we use include battle ropes, box jumps, sledge hammers, tractor tires. This class is suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome. 
  • She Fights Back: Women's self defence class modelled off our hugely successful SFB Workshop program. Learn techniques there are specifically relevant for women in a fun and positive training environment. 

Check out our timetables: Surry Hills, Bondi Junction & Sydney CBD.



Take our 60 minute Induction class

  • Learn to use your natural reflexes and instincts for self defence
  • Practical techniques taught immediately from the first class
  • Detailed instruction with other beginners
  • Q&A with our senior instructors

Locations: Surry Hills, Bondi Junction & CBD
Cost: $39.95

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