Ron is an IDF commander, military Krav Maga Instructor and the founder of Krav Maga Defence Institute. Having lead soldiers on the battlefield in the Second Lebanese War and in numerous counter-terror operations in Gaza and the West Bank, Ron knows what it takes to train fighters. 

Born in Israel, Ron grew up training in Krav Maga. After earning a spot in one of Israel’s decorated combat units Ron was sent by order of his commanders to complete the military Krav Maga instructors course. Serving as the head Krav Maga instructor for the unit, he was responsible for training the unit’s soldiers in close-quarters fighting in addition to his combat roles as a sergeant. 

After completing his full time service with the IDF, Ron taught Krav Maga internationally in the US,  Australia and Asia. Settling down in Sydney, Ron founded Krav Maga Defence Institute which quickly became one of the largest and most dominant Krav Maga schools on a global scale. 

In 2010, Ron returned to Israel where he joined forces with former chief Krav Maga instructor of IDF, Ran Nakash and senior IDF Krav Maga instructor, Itay Danenberg. Together the three founded Krav Maga International (KMI) to train and certify Krav Maga instructors using the methods practiced in the IDF.

Ron has extensive experience in developing and leading training programs for Krav Maga practitioners and trainers. He is a specialist in tailoring certification training and qualification programs for individuals, security teams and defence professionals. Ron continues to teach Krav Maga around the world and in Israel where he is active in the IDF reserves.

Jarrod is a certified Krav Maga International (KMI) Instructor having lived and breathed Krav Maga with Krav Maga Defence Institute for many years. Jarrod has travelled to Israel for Krav Maga training where he achieved the rank of Expert under KMI founders - Ran Nakash, Ron Engelman and Itay Danenberg.

Jarrod also holds a Certificate IV in Remedial & Sports Massage, is a certified Cross-Fit Instructor and a Primal Move Instructor. 

Jarrod is the Operations Manager at KMDI and manages the Surry Hills training centre. He loves dogs and is the proud father of Bear the pit-bull who is the unofficial mascot of KMDI.

Saar was born in Israel and has trained martial arts his whole life. He joined the Israeli Air Force at the age of 18 and later went on to become an officer. Saar underwent rigorous training in Krav Maga and fighting as part of his service and Officers Course. He was sent to the Israeli Defence Force Institute of Combat Fitness and Krav Maga, where he underwent some of the IDF’s toughest training in the process of becoming an IDF Military Krav Maga Instructor. After finishing 5 years of army service and achieving the rank of Lieutenant, Saar went on to complete his Civilian Krav Maga Instructors Course at the Wingate institute and continued to work in security, VIP protection and as a Krav Maga instructor in the civilian sector in Israel. 

Originally from the Mid North Coast, Madoc moved to Sydney in 2010 to study at university. Besides some after school judo when he was he child, Madoc hadn’t had any fighting experience when he came to Krav Maga. A friend of his suggested he should join them to try it out. While hesitant at first he quickly grew to love it, and the training became a priority for him. After a lot of hard work and dedication training often on a daily basis, he eventually decided that he wanted to become an instructor. Madoc likes the simple elegance Krav Maga has, and he particularly enjoy training on the combatives and weapons aspects. When he's not at Krav Maga, he’ll typically be at uni.

Gitanjali Katrak – aka Gits - was born in Bombay and came to Australia when she was 19 to do her undergraduate studies. She migrated to Australia in 2003 and subsequently completed her PhD.

She has always had an interest in martial arts and initially took up judo. She discovered Krav and hasn't looked back since.

Gits successfully undertook the Krav Maga instructor course in 2012. Her particular favourite areas are sparring and kicks. 

Outside of Krav, She works as an ecological consultant (and has yet to come up with practical defences against some of the things you find in the Australian bush – keeping distance doesn’t really work against mosquitoes and leeches). 

Australian born, Roen has lived half of his life outside Australia.

After experiencing a few tough situations in Russia, he became well aware of the importance of self defence. He was hooked with Krav Maga after his first class. 

After training for several years, he made the decision to share his passion for Krav and started training to become an instructor. He started stepping up his training, worked on his fitness to see how many hours of Krav were humanly possible per week, then added a few finally certifying with KMI.

Fully aware that Krav Maga instructors always need to continue developing, Roen eats, breathes and dreams Krav Maga. 

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Having grown up in the quieter suburbs of northern of Sydney violence was not exactly part of David’s everyday life. However one night out in city made David realise that real violence does happened and that you need to be prepared for it or things can go very badly for you. After it did go very badly for him, David saw a poster that said “get fit, have fun and learn something that could possibly save your life” And while he had no idea what Krav Maga was after one class he was hooked. Having always had a mindset that hard work and dedication can lead to great things David has applied this same attitude towards Krav Maga, and he became an instructor with KMDI in 2014. David is also a registered architect and when David is not in the Gym or helping people realise their dreams, he also enjoys taking part in obstacle races, reading, going to the gym and just generally staying active.

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Rita is one of our most outgoing instructors, if you haven’t met her yet then you would of definitely heard her around the gym. 

Rita is absolutely dedicated to Krav Maga, having trained for many years before becoming an instructor.

Rita, started training after she was put in an uncomfortable situation when someone tried to mug her one evening when she was out in Sydney.

It was a friend who encouraged her to try Krav Maga, she has never looked back and has loved every minute of it.  

As well as being an instructor of KMDI, she trains hard in striking in her spare time, as well running several races such as Spartan and Tough Mudder.

At only 23 years of age, Luke is the youngest instructor in the KMDI team, but has trained relentlessly since his beginnings in 2013. Born and raised in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Luke was hooked on Krav Maga; drawn in by the practical, simple and efficient nature of the techniques. He noticed his fitness improve and became more confident while out with friends. Luke believes his training in Krav Maga has helped make him a more peaceful person less prone to confrontation. Students in Luke's classes can expect training which emphasises executing and adapting techniques under stress, solving problems through nonviolence/de-escalation and conditioning of the body to be in peak physical form. Previously working as a structural engineer, Luke has a degree in physics and engineering. He is now working to start his own outdoor education business to help disadvantaged youth. Luke's hobbies include mountaineering, reading fantasy books, breathing and listening to heavy metal music.

Mario was born in Germany and came to Australia in 2013 originally for travelling until this came to a halt when he started Krav Maga at KMDI! He instantly got addicted to Krav, and still is. Some tough situations helped him to take the initiative to eventually step in to KMDI. Mario consistently trained as many hours per week as he possibly could to improve his fitness and skills fast. With his thriving and improvement oriented mindset, Mario worked his way up the ranks at KMDI up to the instructor level. His intention though is anything but stopping. Having a clear aim towards higher grades and qualifications he keeps on pushing his limits further ahead. Being a Bachelor of Metal Production and Management you’ll find him creating Plastic Molding tools and equipment during the day, or occasionally having somewhat of a workout moving heavy equipment around.If Mario isn’t working or training you probably find him running obstacle challenges, hiking and camping out in the bush or on his Motorbike

Ben is a former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy, where he served 11 years active and reserve. After graduating from the prestigious U.S. Air Force Academy, he served as a Boarding Officer aboard the guided missile cruiser USS Chosin, where he assembled and trained three highly proficient boarding teams engaged in Maritime Security Operations for Iraq’s primary oil terminals. He returned years later as a Maritime Interception Operations Planner aboard the carrier USS John C. Stennis. Among his other career highlights, he was an Africa Regional Specialist, a watchfloor supervisor at a U.S. Government Network Operations Centre; and a Design Engineer developing ground-breaking, ultra-low power radiation detection technologies for Sandia National Labs, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the U.S. Air Force. Ben’s final military deployment was as a watchfloor supervisor at the coalition operations centre in Djibouti. After being Honourably Discharged, Ben moved to Australia to start his family. He began training at KMDI in 2014 to build upon the foundational Unarmed Combat training he received in the military. Today he works as a Risk Adviser and Applications Engineer at one of Australia’s largest security companies, developing specialised, technology-based security solutions for commercial clients. Ben is licenced as a Security Officer, Consultant and Trainer. He has published three editorial articles on the topic of Anti-Terrorism for Security Insider magazine.