Instructor Transfer Course


We train instructors certified by other recognised Krav Maga organisations in KMI’s syllabus and training techniques; and we certify graduates as KMI Level 1 or Level 2 instructors.



If you’re a Krav Maga instructor certified by another recognised Krav Maga organisation, and want to step up and join the KMI family, this transfer course is for you! You already know the fundamentals, you’ve instructed Krav Maga and we don’t waste your time on things you already know. In this intense four-day course, you will train and learn how to instruct KMI curriculum and methods. At the end of the course, we will certify you as a KMI Level 1 or Level 2 instructor, based on your performance.

This course is fast-paced and assumes a fair amount of prior experience and expertise. We accept you only if we’re confident you have a fighting chance.

Price: $500

Dates: 15-18 September, 2016

Location: Krav Maga Defence Institute, 8 Rutland Street, 2010 Surry Hills


  1. Submit your application by filling the below contact form 
  2. You will be contacted by a senior member of the KMI instructor team within 3-5 days to set up a phone interview. They will be able to answer any further queries you might have about the course.
  3. Once you application is accepted, they will send you instructions to make your deposit payment so you will be guaranteed a spot on the upcoming course. 


To book a spot on the upcoming KMI Transfer Instructor Course, please start your application by filling in the below form.

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* Once an application is successfully accepted into the course, training fees are non refundable unless the unlikely event that a course is canceled.

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