Hey ladies!

Congrats on making the first step to obtaining some kick ass Krav Maga skills that’ll also help you on your way to your fitness goals - we’re really looking forward to training with you!

We know it can seem a little daunting if you haven't trained in this field before, so here’s what you need to know!



She Fights Back is a workshop for women that will throw you into a world of self defence training unlike any other. Over the course of 2.5 hours, you will learn Krav Maga skills that are tailored specifically to women of all ages and fitness levels.

You may not yet be at a professional fighting level and you may not have yet reached your fitness level goals. But there is one goal we can all achieve in this workshop: to start the journey to learning how to kick ass whilst having a kick ass time. 



Krav Maga is translated to “Contact Combat”. Developed in the Israeli Defence Force, it is now world-renowned and teaches both military and civilians how to get out of common street attacks in the most efficient way.

Krav Maga is based on your body’s natural reflexes to attacks; you’ll soon find that you already have that natural reaction - all you need to do is hone them until the techniques become instinctual. 

It always helps to have a certain level of fitness to help get you out of a situation, so we will work on that too!  We’ll cover basic cardio, work your abs, bums and thighs as well as the exciting stuff like punching, kicking and flattening pads.

Techniques are mostly practised with partners, so you can bring along anyone you might want to partner with (take down). Bring along a friend, your mum, your boss - and we guarantee you’ll have a blast and a serious workout with ab-clenching laughs.



She Fights Back will be run by Saar Markovitch - KMDI Senior Instructor and former Officer in the 

Israeli Defence Force. The following topics will be covered:

  1. How to detect warning signs of potential threats and the steps to take to de-escalate the situation
  2. How to put power behind your strikes through technique
  3. You’ll learn the most efficient way to get the heck out of common street attacks (grabs and choke holds)
  4. How to become the defender rather than the victim



Krav Magabsolutely. Saar will take you through new defence moves and help hone your skills on those you’ve previously learnt.

Event Information

  • Date & Time: Sunday July 24th, 2016 from 10am to 12:30pm
  • Cost: $60 per participant*. Bring a training partner to get 10% off! 
  • All participants receive a free training shirt
  • Location: Krav Maga Defence Institute, 8 Rutland Street, 2010 Surry Hills (Central Railway Station)
  • Instructor: Saar Markovitch
  • Visit our website for more information about SHE FIGHTS BACK workshops


The SHE FIGHTS BACK workshop of July 24th is now booked out. Our next event will be on Sunday September 25th.