WE BELIEVE that everyone is entitled to live their life free from the fear of violence.

THATS WHY we train people to take ownership of their safety and inspire them to protect others.


“ Why I Fight


As a child, there was one experience beyond any that shaped who I am today. Born to a family of Holocaust survivors, I learnt what it means to be powerless to defend yourself or protect the ones you love.

I came to understand that bad things sometimes do happen to good people and that ultimately, we are the only ones who are responsible for our own safety.

This early experience is what inspired me to learn Krav Maga. It is what motivated me to join the Israeli army where I still serve today as a commander and senior Krav Maga instructor. And it is why I founded KMDI, and travel the world teaching self defence to those who need it.

I believe that if enough of us join forces to take responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of those we care about, then together we can build a better world.

It brings me great pride to welcome you to the KMDI family.” 

Ron Engelman
Founder. Krav Maga Defence Institute


Meet the KMDI Team



Chief Instructor | Black Belt 5th DAN

Ron is an IDF commander, military Krav Maga Instructor and the founder of Krav Maga Defence Institute.

Ron has extensive experience in developing and leading training programs for Krav Maga practitioners and trainers. He is a specialist in tailoring certification training and qualification programs for individuals, security teams and defence professionals. Ron continues to teach Krav Maga around the world and in Israel where he is active in the IDF reserves.



Black Belt 2nd DAN

Jarrod is a certified Krav Maga Instructor having lived and breathed Krav Maga with Krav Maga Defence Institute for many years. Jarrod has travelled to Israel for Krav Maga training where he achieved the rank of Black Belt.

Jarrod is the Operations Manager at KMDI and manages the Surry Hills training centre. He loves dogs and is the proud father of Bear the pit-bull who is the unofficial mascot of KMDI.


Rita Matty
Brown Belt


Chris Tacuri
Brown Belt


Dave Hoare
Purple Belt


Clint Hoare
Purple Belt


Jack Books
Purple Belt


Ben Beville
Purple Belt


Lauren Sams
Blue Belt


Mark Dowell-Hentall
Blue Belt


Gaby Mora
Blue Belt


Neill Morgan
Blue Belt


Ed Tarau
Blue Belt


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