Fun and Powerful Self-Defence Workshops for Women

SHE FIGHTS BACK is a fun and non-intimidating self-defence workshop we run once a month at KMDI Surry Hills. The goal? To teach our most practical and effective Krav Maga moves to women of all ages, no matter what their fighting experience or fitness level is. We want to raise awareness about potential dangers, as well as give our participants the necessary tools to safely counter common types of street attacks that are typically targeted at women. Basically, we teach women how to keep safe. 


Upcoming Events

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Especially tailored for women with no fighting/martial arts experience.

Topics covered include:
- How to detect warning signs of potential threats
- How to de-escalate threatening situations
- Techniques to get power behind your strikes, punches and kicks
- Efficient and proven ways to bust out of common street attacks (grabs and chokeholds)
- Confidence to transform your attitude from victim into defender 

Next Event: Sunday 20 January 2019, 10am-12PM
At KMDI Surry Hills, 8 Rutland Street

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Suitable for SFB participants who want to take their training to the next level.

Topics covered include:
- Defending grabs, chokes and holds
- De-escalation techniques
- Defending yourself on the ground
- Effective striking
- Situational awareness

Next Event: Sunday 3 February 2019, 10am-12PM
At KMDI Surry Hills, 8 Rutland Street


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