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SHE FIGHTS BACK is a fun and non-intimidating self-defence seminar we run every month at KMDI Surry Hills. The goal? To teach our most practical and effective Krav Maga moves to women of all ages, no matter what their fighting experience or fitness level is. We want to raise awareness about potential dangers, as well as give our participants the necessary tools to safely counter common types of street attacks that are typically targeted at women. Basically, we teach you how to keep you safe. 

Most of our participants don't have any martial arts, boxing or self defence experience which is why we made this workshop fun, easy and accessible to all.

During each SHE FIGHTS BACK workshop, we gather our best instructors to provide you with a 2 hour mix of cardio, basic fighting moves and self-defence techniques that will leave you feeling stronger and empowered. Our Senior Instructor will make sure that you'll have a kick ass time and a great workout while learning our basic self-defence skills. From our previous experience, we guarantee that by the end of the session you’ll be bouncing off the training mats dripping sweat, standing taller, stronger and all smiles. And as the techniques are mostly practised with a partner, you can bring along a friend, your mum, your sister, or your boss to have a blast and a serious workout with some ab-clenching giggles.


What YOU CAN expect from the workshop

If you've never done Krav Maga before, you’ll quickly discover that you already possess the instinct to defend from attacks but that Krav will make you turn these instinctual reactions into effective defence techniques.

And as having some level of fitness is a great advantage in any defensive situation, you'll get to cover basic cardio to give your bums, abs and thighs a good workout whilst flattening some pads with strikes and kicks.

During each SHE FIGHTS BACK session, we will take you over the following topics:

  • The importance of awareness as a preventative for attacks

  • Learning the general tools to de-escalate potential threats (mugging, sexual assault)

  • Learning fundamental fighting techniques (hand on hand combat)

  • Making the switch from defending to reacting


The Key Info


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Looking for a new and exciting way to entertain your friends or colleagues? What better way to build friendships and share thrilling experiences than to kick each others butts!

SHE FIGHTS BACK offers group seminars for any range of events; work groups, birthdays, hens nights - you name it!

Just give us a call at KMDI on 1300 547 899  and we can work out the details and answer any questions you may have.

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