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Israel Training Camp

Join us in June 2016 for a week of Krav Maga training camp and Israel sight-seeing!

Krav Maga practitioners of all levels will be flying into Israel from across the globe to to participate in the KMI combat training camp.

This Combat Camp as a unique experience to train with the top Krav Maga Experts including Itay Dannenberg, Ron Engelman and Ran Nakash, the trainers in charge of the Krav Maga programs in the Israeli military and government.

Ron Engelman

IDF commander and founder of Krav Maga Defence Institute. Having lead soldiers on the battlefield in the Second Lebanese War and numerous counter-terror operations, Ron knows how to build fighters and what it takes to train for combat. 

Ran Nakash

Former commander and chief instructor of the of the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga division. Senior Krav Maga advisor to the IDF. Professional boxer, WBO world title challenger, ranked top 10 in the world (cruiserweight division). 10 time Israel kickboxing champion. 

Itay Dannenberg

IDF military Krav Maga Instructor. Senior trainer at the IDF school for Krav Maga Instructors. Head Instructor of the training program for body guards of the members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and the Knesset itself.

Training throughout the camp is held in different environments and locations including the beach, in water, in the forest, in confined spaces and at night-time to experience training in low light conditions.

The Combat Camp covers ALL levels of Krav Maga with rank specific techniques. Participants will also train in various sectors of Krav Maga, including military & law enforcement. At the end of the camp, there is a chance to test for your next rank.


19-25 of June 2016


Total Cost: US$850


  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Transfer from the airport to your accommodation
  • Daily meals 


  • 7 Days of Krav Maga Training (Morning & Afternoon sessions)
  • Optional Sparring Classes in the Evening
  • Lectures by Israel Leading Defence Experts
  • Optional Level Tests (If Applicable)
  • BBQ Dinner at the end of the Camp

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What level of Krav Maga do you require to participate to the camp? Throughout the camp, participants will be split into levels according to their training experience. The camp program is suitable for practitioners of all levels from beginners to experienced Krav Maga instructors.

What should I bring? Comfortable clothing to train in (June is the beginning of summer in Israel). Bathing suit, hat and sunscreen. Protective gear: Boxing gloves, groin guard, mouth guard (we also have gear for available for purchase).

Where can I stay? We've got partnership with a few selected hotels in Tel Aviv that are closed to the beach. Price is around USD 100/night. You can also rent a room or an entire apartment on AirBnB. You're very welcome to talk to one of our instructors to get more information about it.

What website would you recommend to book my flight? You can go to Flight Centre or visit OpodoExpedia or Kayak. A single return ticket Sydney to Tel Aviv should cost around AUD 2000.

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