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Defending against an attack in a crowded area

With KMDI chief instructor Ron Engelman, May 31st 2015

This workshop will cover what to do in the event that you are confronted by an attacker in a confined area with limited options for escape. The difference between fighting in the ring and fighting on the street is that the attacker is not necessarily looking for an even match or a challenge. They will use anything at their disposal to their advantage and knives, sticks broken, broken bottles and glasses are readily available.

This workshop will be focused on training in confined spaces and crowded areas, with a few weapons, grabs and holds thrown in for good measure.

Taught by the Krav Maga Defence Institute instructor team led by Expert Instructor Ron Engelman.

Topics include: dealing with armed attackers, confined spaces, third party protection, defending yourself and others against knives, chokes, bear hugs and more…

Date: Sunday, May 31st

Time: 10:00-13:00

Price: $55/$65 (Members/Public)

Ticket sales for this event are underway and there are only limited spots still available. Get in now before it is sold out. 

This seminar is suitable for all levels and newcomers are welcome.