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Defending Against Blunt Impact Weapons


KMDI is hosting a seminar with Israeli Krav Maga expert Ron Engelman, trainer for the Israeli Defence Force and chief instructor of the Krav Maga Defence Institute.

Attacks with weapons are a common part of today’s reality. Every year hundreds of armed attacks are reported in Sydney alone. In this workshop you will learn Krav Maga techniques and tactics to defend against bats, sticks and bottles and glassing. You will learn what to expect, how to prevent and ultimately how to defend against an attack with a blunt impact weapon. You will also participate in a variety of realistic scenario exercises designed to provide experience and understanding on how to deal with these attacks in the real world.

Topics include:

  • Krav Maga tactics
  • Prevention
  • Dealing with threats and intimidation involving blunt weapons
  • Defending against a wide variety of stick/bat attacks
  • Defending against bottles and glassing
  • Fighting multiple attackers when weapons are involved
  • Decision making under stress

And much more…

The workshop is open to the public as well as current students of all levels.

Time: Sunday 14th October, 3:00pm – 6:00pm

Location: Krav Maga Defence Institute, Level 3, 11-17 Buckingham St. Surry Hills NSW