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Defending an armed assault


With KMDI chief instructor Ron Engelman, Feb 9th 2014

  • Sunday February 9th 10:00-13:00
  • Members/Public $65/$75
  • *15% discount if attending both workshops
  • Krav Maga Defence Institute – Level 3, 11-17 Buckingham St. Surry Hills

Threats at Gunpoint

  • Sunday February 9th 14:30-17:30
  • Members/Public $65/$75
  • *15% discount if attending both workshops
  • Krav Maga Defence Institute – Level 3, 11-17 Buckingham St. Surry Hills

February 2014 Workshops

Early this February, KMDI is hosting two seminars with Israeli Krav Maga expert Ron Engelman, trainer for the Israeli Defence Force. With over a decade of experience teaching Krav Maga to soldiers, police officers, government agencies and civilians in Israel, the United States and Australia, Ron is recognised as one of the leading figures in Krav Maga.

Ron is the original founder of the Krav Maga Defence Institute and was one of the key figures involved in spreading Krav Maga in Australia. Since 2010 Ron moved back to his homeland in Israel where he works among the top figures in the Krav Maga military and civilian circles.

We recommend you book well in advance to secure a spot. Last year, Ron’s workshops were completely sold out.


This workshop will cover what to do in the event that you are confronted by an attacker armed with a blade, bat or bottle/glass. The difference between fighting in the ring and fighting on the street is that the attacker is not necessarily looking for an even match or a challenge. They will use anything at their disposal to their advantage and knives, sticks broken, broken bottles and glasses are readily available.

Krav Maga excels in dealing with such situations in a realistic, effective and decisive manner. In this 3 hour workshop Ron will teach how to fight against an armed attacker in a variety of different positions and scenarios covering, effective techniques, tactics and realistic training simulations.



If you find yourself at gunpoint, the correct response can be the difference between life and death.

Firearms are commonly used by criminals to intimidate and elicit compliance. If you happen to find yourself starring down the wrong end of a barrel, compliance is generally a good policy. But when your assailant shows intent to kill or to abduct, it pays to have other options at your disposal. Sometimes it is necessary to have the ability to take control of the situation.

In this workshop Ron will teach practical solutions for dealing with threats at gun point. You will be taught to take control and disarm an attacker from a variety of realistic positions and situations.

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