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Ground fighting workshop

With Ron Engelman


KMDI is hosting a seminar with Israeli Krav Maga expert Ron Engelman, trainer for the Israeli Defence Force and chief instructor of the Krav Maga Defence Institute.

Many fights end up on the ground, but this is the one place you do not want to be. On the ground it is more difficult to get away, you may find yourself up against multiple attackers or weapons and size does matter. Krav Maga has developed a unique approach to fighting on the ground that focuses not just on trying to defeat a single attacker but taking the situation on as a whole and getting away safely in even the most extreme conditions. The ground can be a dangerous place and this is exactly why you need to know what to do if you find yourself there.

This workshop is a crash course on what you need to know to order to get out of a fight safely if you find yourself on the ground. You will learn Krav Maga techniques and tactics for fighting on the ground and of course you will also get to test your skills in a variety of Krav Maga scenarios and simulations.

Topics include:

  • Basic principles and approach
  • Taking an opponent down and take-down prevention
  • How to breaking a fall
  • Defending against head-stomps and kicks while on the ground
  • Defending against different chokes on the ground
  • Basic submissions
  • Dealing with multiple attackers on the ground
  • Scenarios and simulations

And a lot more…

The workshop is open to the public as well as current students of all levels.

Time:  Sunday 14th October, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Location: Krav Maga Defence Institute, Level 3, 11-17 Buckingham St. Surry Hills NSW


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