The Buddy System


Another year, another resolution. Over 85% of which will fail. But those that succeed usually have one thing in common, the buddy system.

Now, we may not be talking about scuba or high wire courses here so call it what you will, but the principle remains the same: training with a friend or a group of friends almost always yields better results!

But here’s the kicker: they also need to be motivated, and motivated towards the same goal as you. Plus if you are really serious then there is one other must-have when it comes to choosing an appropriate training buddy, one which most people are too intimidated by: they need more experienced than you at the given task!

Although that last step is not 100% necessary, it will certainly accelerate your results and is highly recommended.

But perhaps you don’t have any motivated friends who want to improve their health and fitness? Well that’s a whole different article right there but don’t despair, there is a solution. In fact, there are a few.

Most people have Facebook and often have more ‘friends’ then they can remember but somewhere along the line you might have known those people and chances are there is someone doing something on there which interests you, all it can take is a post ‘Hey I see you go climbing, been meaning to get into that, want to catch up over a climb?’

Or go join some group classes and make some new, fit, active, motivating friends. This is often the best way to go and don’t be scared, those classes aren’t all filled with crazy fluoro short short’s wearing exercises junkies, you’ll be surprised how many people you will find in the exact same position as you. And often, you will make lifelong friends who are fun, motivated, and have the positive influence in your life that comes from shared common goals.

Of course, there is also always the option of getting a trainer. However, most people don’t see them as buddies (and rightly so) due to the hell they tend to put you through. The fact still remains that finding a good trainer can mean that outside that hour or two of hell a week, have gained a very motivating and experienced buddy to help you reach your goals.

So go for it, you certainly aren’t the only one who is looking to have a fitter, healthier 2014. Find someone else who shares those goals and ideally already has had some good results in that department and tag along. Reunite a friendship, make a new one, or invest a little bit of money in yourself rather than the car and don’t let another year pass you by.

Sandra Merliere