Krav Maga Defence Institute Values


What makes Krav Maga unique is its practicality - for real people and real situations - and its ability to empower people to feel safe, confident, fit, and above all, part of a connected community. What we value the most is the sense of community it inspires, as well as the empowerment and holistic transformation that members experience.

At KMDI, we actively try to foster this sense of community by ensuring new members are welcomed from the very beginning and by operating on a first-name basis from top to bottom, amongst other measures.

Changing Perceptions of Krav Maga

For many years, Krav Maga as been perceived as “World’s most brutal mixed-martial art/ combative military self-defence system”. We at KMDI believe that Krav Maga is an effective self-defence system and a powerful workout enjoyed in a social team atmosphere, which transforms your whole life–not just your physicality.



The only exercise I've ever enjoyed - largely thanks to the awesome instructors and my very patient training partners. If you're interested in self defence, keeping fit, or even just finding a community to be a part of, then Krav Maga ticks all the boxes and KMDI is an awesome place to learn it. Don't be intimidated, head in for an induction class and give it a go - anyone can do it!

- Jasmine.


Krav Maga is a unique self defense system, and KMDI is a great Krav Maga club. As a newcomer, both instructors and students will make you feel safe and welcome. And if you're an experienced fighter, you'll find all the challenge and skills needed to take you to the next level.

- Raphael.


One of the best communities of people I've been with who have a common goal of self improvement and learning. I'm really glad to have been introduced to Krav through these guys and have never felt better in my body and with my confidence as a person.

- Andrew.


A welcoming environment with no egos and phenomenal instructors. A great place to learn practical self defense, be empowered and get fit with a purpose. Suitable for all levels. Kmdi is my second home now and I couldn’t be happier having found this place.

- Lauren.


I have been a student for about 18months and I can 100% recommend coming along to see what it is all about. All levels of abilities are catered for. I first came in to training having done no self defence training at all and loved it from the start. The KMDI community is like a family and definitely make it feel inviting every-time I am at training. Hopefully see you at the gym soon.

- Dale.


Getting Started is Easy