Surry Hills Timetable



  • INDUCTION: an action-packed introduction for people trying out Krav Maga for the first time

  • FOUNDATIONS:  Focus on the basics of Krav Maga. This technical class provides an in depth look at the most fundamental skills. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced students who want to improve their foundations

  • KRAV MAGA: Work your way through the KMDI syllabus and learn to defend yourself and protect others

  • BEGINNERS: Krav Maga training for beginners

  • INTERMEDIATE: Krav Maga training for yellow belt (level 1) and above

  • ADVANCED: Advanced Krav Maga training (yellow belts and above)


  • K.M.C.: Work on your striking and conditioning in this class that focuses on movement, power and fitness through Krav Maga

  • WEAPONS: Simulations & drills for defending an armed attack

  • FIGHT FIT: Functional fitness class inspired by training methods used to train fighters in the army

  • FIGHT CLUB: Sparring with unique Krav Maga elements, scenarios and settings (yellow belts and above)

  • GROUND COMBATIVES: Master the tools to fight your back to your feet and make distance between you and your attacker


Facility Location


Located just outside Central Railway Station, KMDI Surry Hills is a short walk from the city and easily accessible by public transport. Our headquarters offers Krav Maga classes 6 days a week with 2 fully fitted out training studios and an octagon.  

Address: 8 Rutland Street, 2010 Surry Hills
Bus / Train Station: Central Railway (5min walk from Devonshire exit)
Phone: 1300 547 899


Getting Started


Join us today and receive immediate access to all our classes including Krav Maga beginners, specialised striking, fitness and weapons classes.

Leading edge training
High quality facility
Weekly membership $55/week
Includes access to all KMDI gyms:
Surry Hills, Bondi Junction & Sydney CBD

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