KMDI Is Not Your Average Gym

We believe everyone is entitled to safety and wellbeing.
We exist to empower members to protect themselves and those around them.
We help people achieve a deeper sense of self transformation: from improved self image to improved self esteem.


We exist to positively impact on people’s lives, safety and sense of self.

At KMDI, we help people create the most powerful versions of themselves by building confidence, strength and belonging.

May 2019 Israel Krav Maga Camp

May 2019 Israel Krav Maga Camp

  • We unlock personal potential and drive transformation of the whole self, not just the body and physical practice.

  • We help people to reach their goals through mastery of mind and body.

  • We empower people with the tools they need to keep themselves, and those around them safe.

  • We maintain interest and motivation by varying the practice.

  • We create a sense of community and friendship around individual practice by cultivating a culture of support and teamwork.

  • We create an intimate environment of belonging - ‘a safe place’.

  • We make combat training accessible by espousing protection, not violence.


What We Offer


A one-of-a-kind physical system for people who want to gain skills in order to protect themselves and others, while building inner and outer strength.

  • A fitness membership that challenges the current category: we teach an holistic philosophy that goes beyond the realms of a regular fitness hobby.

  • We offer a transformative program of physical and mental mastery.

  • We deliver an authentic Krav Maga program that is unique, challenging and fun.

  • We enable people to reach both their physical and personal goals.

  • We deliver a premium experience through dedicated staff, high quality service and seamless delivery.


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