What Krav Maga teaches us about ourselves


Thousands of people all over the world take up Krav Maga to learn to defend themselves, to learn how to protect other people, to get fitter, to join a community of like-minded people, and to learn to be a total bad-ass.

But what they don’t realise at the time of starting out is that in addition to the physical changes that are about to take place, there’s a whole realm of characteristic changes and growth that will come along during their journey.

For myself the biggest change that I have noticed is that I have become a lot more pragmatic.  I face my problems and challenges head-on. No nonsense.  Which is what Krav Maga does on a physical level.  We defend and attack back as quickly as we can.  We handle the problem.

Something needs doing? OK, do it.  Someone needs help? OK, help them.  Krav Maga has helped remove procrastination and indecision from my character.

Alongside building confidence within myself while walking down the street, it’s also instilled confidence in me all the time.  No matter the situation. I’m not only physically sure of myself, but emotionally confident in who I am. Speaking up on behalf of not only myself, but others in any form of injustice, not just when it comes to violence.  Krav Maga creates leaders.

Respect.  For myself and for others. I respect other people and am not a bully towards anyone, but I also respect myself and I won’t be a victim (or a bully towards myself).

I stand tall, I hold my head up high, I’m self-aware and I wear my battle scars (forearm bruises and black eyes) with pride.

A lot of combat sport and martial arts will teach you a lot about yourself.

BJJ has taught me patience.

Boxing has taught me a lot about discipline.

But Krav Maga has taught me a lot about being a good person and taking ownership over myself and my actions. How my behaviour is translated and how to interact with others in a calm manner.

Which I then pass on to others.

Jarrod Krafczyk
Senior Instructor

Sandra Merliere