A Few Words From KMDI Members

So much better than expected. I had the wrong idea that a martial arts gym would be a very elite field of people who had been training since they could walk, but the Krav Maga Defence Institute is so friendly and open to all fitness levels and ages that I’ve been training non stop for 2 years. The staff are very approachable with any questions that I have and very cautious when it comes to safety. I am always challenged and achieve beyond what I thought I could do. I walk the streets with confidence.
— Samantha L.

I regularly attend 6-10 hours of Krav Maga every week in Surry Hills, and I absolutely love it! I’ve dabbled into martial arts my whole life, in and out of the military, and this is the best school I’ve found. The instructors are really professional, the classes are fun and challenging, the students are friendly and welcoming, and the material is really practical to real-life situations. Excellent choice for both fitness and self-defense! Krav Maga has become an integral part of my daily life!
— Ben B.

I’ve been training with KMDI for two and a half years and love this place. The instructors and staff are top notch and very dedicated, and the training is a balance between physical conditioning and practical solutions to dealing with aggression. I’m fitter than I’ve been for twenty years, and I find that the training increases my mental readiness to deal with stress in all aspects of my life, especially on my work projects. Highly recommend.
— Craig W.

Krav Maga beats going to the gym hands down. No two classes are ever the same, so it is never boring. Having fun and getting fit while learning important self defence techniques is what this organisation is all about. The friendly staff and world class trainers are there to ensure a safe training environment for each and every student, no matter what level you are, they only want to see you succeed. If you are looking for a fun way to get fit and meet some great people at the same time, this it the place.
— Lauren W.

I come to KMDI every day for a broad range of reasons, from fitness to personal stuff. I’ve always dealt with bad anxiety and depression, so I went and learnt about the brain and what exactly causes these problems and I found out that the anxiety part of your brain, especially, is an overacting part of your fight or flight mechanism; so learning how to fight and train through Krav Maga has been an excellent way of coping with that. It has helped
me get better on that front and I am definitely seeing improvements with my mental health. Fitness wise, this place is unbelievable and I don’t plan on stopping as far as I know. I’ve done other types of martial arts for 11 years and nothing comes close to Krav Maga.
— Tom B.