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If you've never done Krav Maga before, this is what you need to know:

Your First Krav Maga Class

  1. At your first session, please bring our Health form (download here) and give it to your instructor or our receptionist
  2. If you have any injuries, let your instructor know before the class in case they need to adjust any moves for you

What to Expect

We understand that trying something for the first time can be intimidating, let alone Krav Maga. We are a family and both our instructors and members love welcoming newcomers. Our experienced instructors will take you through the basics and keep a watchful eye to make sure you get the most out of the session.


What to Bring

You should wear fitness clothing. T-shirt, shorts or tights (for the girls) is fine. We train barefoot so sneakers are not necessary. We recommend bringing a bottle of water and a towel as well.


You will not need any protective equipment for your first few classes. After the first two weeks we will encourage you to have a mouth guard, groin protection and boxing gloves. These are available for purchase at our gym or you can bring you own. 


After 4-6 months of regular training you will likely be invited to apply for a grading assessment to your first level - Yellow Belt (See Our Levels). You will be tested together with other practitioners on techniques that you have been learning for the past months. If you successfully pass you will be eligible for training in the 'Advanced' class as well as 'Fight Club'.

Which Classes to Attend

When you start, everything is focused around the "Beginners' and 'Krav Maga' class which will teach you the foundations. On top of that, if you have an interest in learning to defend weapons, try the Weapons class. If you want to improve your striking try K.M.C. (Krav Maga Combatives. And if you want to improve your overall fitness try our Fight Fit class.  Once you pass your first level test you will also be able to participate in the more advanced classes ('Advanced' and 'Fight Club'). Check out Our Classes for more information.

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